Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference


Meet Peutz at Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference. At this years exhibition we'll highlight recent developments in noise prediction on board vessels, underwater noise measurements and the use of wind tunnel and CFD research in the design process.

The offshore industry has seen an increasing demand for vessels with a comfort class notation. Noise and vibration control are of key importance in the early stages of the design process to meet these demands. Peutz uses a dedicated finite element hybrid method to assess structural vibration levels and airborne noise radiation in the early design stage.

New ship designs call for increased levels of comfort and safety, reduced cost and reduced environmental impact. How Peutz can help? Join us to discuss the latest on LNG dispersion, real time under water noise monitoring, noise and vibration reduction or wind drag optimisation.

Meet our specialists in booth 1.148, Amsterdam Rai, The Netherlands, Ocotber 10-11th.

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